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Vocal Range & Styles

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TV: Heavy, Low-Key Read

TV: Lighter Read

Voice Description

A big, deep voice for trailers, promos, and commercials. A wide range of character voices from impersonations to cartoons. A rich, welcoming voice for narrations and messaging services.

Genders and Ages

  • Middle Age Male
  • Senior Male

Languages & Accents

  • English/Liverpoolian/proper
  • Irish
  • Australian
  • German
  • French
  • Indian/Pakistani
  • Asian
  • Canadian
  • Southern/Cajun
  • New York
  • New England

Recording Services

  • Commercials
  • Promos
  • IVR, voicemail, phone systems, on-hold messages
  • Training, business presentations, sales, websites
  • Video games+ Documentaries
  • TV shows and movies
  • Movie and game trailers
  • Podcasts
  • Adult content
  • Songs
  • Other (on-camera, infomercials, live announcers, spokespersons)
  • Cartoon/Animation

Additional Skills

  • Audio and Video Production
  • Storyboarding, writing, shooting, directing, editing
  • Music
  • Singing

Training & Experience

My voice training comes from both a 30 year radio career as well as being a singer in a popular Southern California cover band for many years.

Constant vocal training is crucial to both of my voice careers, so I am always improving my range and versatility.

As a producer for over 30 years, I am always aware of the needs of my clients. Professional work ethics and the desire to provide services on a timely basis are key to keeping them happy.

Jon St John voice acting